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Revamped Collection Galleries :3

It’s come to my attention that my collection pages are very annoying to load/scroll through and may lag up those who have slower internet connection speeds.  Therefore, I’ve revamped them so now the pictures are displayed in friendly thumbnail sizes & organized into columns.  Please be sure to check them out some time :3 I spent quite a long time doing it :3.

Whilst I was cleaning up my collection pages, I realised that I missed out two Rilakkuma series completely!!! They are the bedtime series and the rainbow ribbon series!

Rainbow Ribbons Series  (2010, 7th Anniversary)

Rainbow Ribbons Series (2010, 7th Anniversary)

Bedtime Series

Bedtime Series

I can’t believe I never included these two series in my Rilakkuma collection pics!!!! >.<

Also – quick picture update on my Princess Cadance Foalsitter plushie:

Princess Cadance Foalsitter wearing her OWN winter gear Princess Cadance Foalsitter wearing her OWN winter gear

She’s finally got herself her OWN set of winter gear! And she looks so warm and snuggly in them! :3 She’s already on her way to me so if all goes well, she should be here next week!

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  1. Wow!!!!! You have the most amazing collection!!! I must say that the rainbow collection is one of my absolutely favorites, but is almost impossible to get anyone these days :/ Anyway, I thought your collection couldn’t be better and bum!!! You just appear with 2 more amazing series hahahaha Love you!!!


    • Awww thanks! :3 the Rainbow series are one of my favs too! (I also love the Bohemian series). Actually, they were what got me into Rilakkuma in the first place!! 😀 😀 ❤ <3. They are so pretty and colourful hehe


  2. Whee great additions! I actually thought the load time was pretty dramatic when I went to your collection pages because I knew how many I would eventually be seeing haha. But the thumbnail version looks really nice and streamlined! I need to start on my collection page soon eeeee kind of dreading it because I’m starting from scratch haha


    • Yes! You definitely should! :3 would love to see your collection in its entirety some time 😀 but I agree, taking all those photos does take quite a while! But it’s all worth it in the end! :3


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