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My Little Pony: WIP pics :D for Crystal Pony Applejack and Baby Applejack!!!!

Some WIP pics of my Crystal Pony Applejack plushie (by GreenTeaPlushies) and Baby Applejack plushie (by Sugarstitch)!!!!

If you’ve never seen the clip of Baby Applejack, please check her out in this youtube vid:

She’s soooooo cuuuute!!!

Anyway – here are the pics:

WIP – Crystal Pony Applejack plushie by GreenTeaPlushies – she’s nearly complete!

WIP – Baby Applejack plushie!!!!!! By Sugarstitch!

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    • When you say “they”, I am assuming you mean Hasbro? They’ve also made other baby ponies – like Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake 😀 but as far as the main 6, I think she is the only one they’ve ever showed as a baby on flashback! 😀 (I think!!)

      But the MLP fan base has created baby versions of every single pony in there!!! X3


  1. EEEEEE the baby one is so cute!! I didn’t even know there were baby versions of them, but wow, so awesome! Having not seen the show, I don’t know any of their personalities but I think Applejack is my favorite based on this/your other posts and the clip haha


    • Hehe 😀 yes! Baby Applejack is SOOOO CUTE! Hehe 😀 The show is very nice and relaxing to watch! You should check it out some time, esp when you’re too stressed from med school hehe XD it looks like Sugarstitch’s making a relatively big-sized baby! So I’m VERY excited! Applejack’s personality: hardworking, diligent, athletic, honest, family-orientated, laid back and easy going! ❤ her! (although it seems like my favs are Cadance, Fluttershy and Rarity! XD)


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