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My Little Pony: Some WIP, Apple Bloom and Gala Commission Poll!

Omg… I’m EXHAUSTED from work. Really. So exhausted. I could fall asleep right now! But I need to stay awake so I can finish my minky robe later!!!!!! :3 Melody sleeps really well at night, so this is when I have some uninterrupted time to myself (and my hobbies).

Here are some WIP pics for some ponies I’ve commissioned – can you guess who they are?!





Needs a nappy (ie diaper for US ppl ;))

I just LOVE WIP pics 😀 It’s so fun watching your pony plushie get made! The only downside is that they can sometimes take away the breathtaking wow factor from the completed pony.

AAAAaaaaaaaand… here’s my second Applebloom plushie!!!!!!! She’s nearly complete! Just needs her stripey socks! 😀

Apple Bloom by SillyBunnies

Apple Bloom by SillyBunnies

And lastly – I’ve been wanting to commission somepony wearing her Grand Galloping Gala dress, so could you please please PLEASE help me decide who to commission first? Here’s a poll as usual! (by the way, I’ve just closed the Crystal Pony Commission poll, Rarity’s won and I’m going to commission her from Burzurk first :D)


Thank you so very much for voting! 😀

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  1. Stunning 3d lashes!! Can’t wait to see the finished pony but looks it will be a while before she’s done. The gala ponies are all so pretty, I see why you need help deciding :). Will you be commissioning all of them eventually? I voted for Fluttershy, she looks beautiful!


    • Thanks Wendy! Yes, the 3D lashes = lovely touch! Yea, all the dresses are so pretty!!!! XD Hmm, I think eventually I would like to commission all of them (eventually), I have a monthly budget (pretty large) for ponies so it depends on how much they are to commission/who I commission from etc. Not a lot of artists agree to do ponies with clothes though! Also – yes, I love Fluttershy too! Good choice!


  2. Coming together quite nicely ^^ I voted for Rarity~ Big fan of hers as well but they’re all so wonderful fluttershy was a close second I hope you get them all 😉


    • Thanks!!!! 😀 Yes! You keep voting for Rarity! No wonder she’s winning all the time XD haha, jokes! I ❤ Rarity too, you and I have similar (good) taste! And you also like Fluttershy a lot! Like me! I think my top three are Rarity/Fluttershy/Applejack. Then Pinkie Pie. Then lastly Twilight and RD. XD


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