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  1. Wow you got more shelves for the ponies 😀 Are the kumas still in the same room? Your collections are awesome *dies from the awesomeness*.


    • Yes! I figured I didn’t have enough space at all for the ponies that I have coming 😀 😀 so I sent hubbie out to buy some shelves for me – and he bought these two!

      Hehe, thanks! 🙂 I enjoy waking up to them every morning! I had to choose one to move to another room – and I prefer to keep the ponies together so I had to move the Rilakkuma shelf (no room for all 3 pony shelves in that room). Now they live in the “sun room”, which is where Melody and i spend most of the daytime in and where I take most of my pics from! 😀 Melody loves to look at them! I think I have to fence it off or something once she learns how to crawl (she can already scoot/lunge around now!)


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