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Rilakkuma: Some September releases and Christmas 2013…

Omg – my wallet is still recovering from July’s Rilakkuma madness (well… ahem… actually ponies… XD) and here’s yet again another lot of Rilakkumas scheduled for release in September!  (I stole these off Judy Dakota on Facebook!  She’s from Thailand and they seem to have all the latest Rilakkuma news there!!!! :o)






Hmmmmm… and it seems like San-X has “revamped” some of the old series (and excluded Kiiro, because come’on, let’s just all admit it – he’s just not as cool as the bears! haha ~ just kidding, I ❤ Mr Kiiro too!) – forest/squirrel, sauna, strawberry and honeybee!



:O WHY?! Why can’t the sky just rain money?!

money falling in the sky and green grass background


Oh! And further insult to the injury – here are pics for some Rilakkumas scheduled for release to celebrate Christmas 2013!





They are just too precious! (but why are there so many Rilas?! I want more Koris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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  1. Ahhh there are so many releases! I can’t decide which one to go for: probably either the Christmas playset or the Halloween one. I’m looking forward to seeing more news about those costume revamps! Are they new plushies are new outfits? Eeee I’m so excited to see what everyone gets!


    • yes! I know! It’d be interesting to see! There’s just waaaay to many! I am loving the squirrels one and the forest/deer ones! And the halloween playset is nice too, but not 100% sure yet as seems quite costly! (ponies = no money for kumas :<)


  2. I’m not really impressed with the Halloween ones. I find they could’ve done a much better job but oh well, less anguish for me XD

    Oooo, I find the squirrel costumes super adorable!

    And omg, that box is HUGE. Imagine getting that on Christmas morning, a box filled with Rilakkumas and Korilakkumas!


    • lol!!!! yea… I don’t think I’ll be getting the halloween set…

      Yes, I totally love the squirrel ones! but I’m a sucker for anything pink… so….

      And yea, the Christmas box looks so soft and plush too! but I don’t think I’ll be getting those >.< unfortunately with all the ponies, my Rilakkuma budget has taken a big hit in the stomach XD

      Will you be planning to get any of these?


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