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MLP: WIP Winter Wrap-Up Twilight

Just some WIP pics for Winter Wrap-Up Twilight plushie by sugarstitch (who also made Baby Applejack)!

100040 - saddle twilight_sparkle scarf vector absurd_res winter_wrap_upI’m pretty obsessed with Twilight in this outfit! I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of Twilight – but she does look adorable in her winter gear (look at those little yellow booties!), and since she runs the show – I figured I needed to add a few more to my pony collection šŸ˜€ The other outfits I’m obsessed with when it comes to Twilight (and I hope to eventually commission) are:

Twilight as Star Swirl the Bearded –

Twilight-as-Starswirl-the-Bearded-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-26259376-296-356and Twilight wearing her coronation dress!


Anyway – here they are:


YAY! sugarstitch did such a perfect job on her forelock! A lot of plushie artists have difficulties with Twilight’s forelock! Either it’s “uplifted” and flailing all over the place or it’s sad, flat and droopy looking.


OMG! She’s so cute from the front too! I love ponies that look just as good from the front as from the sides! šŸ˜€



She just needs some embroidery floss for the scarf tassles!

AND… My gosh! I’ve just realised… DID I NOT POST THE PRE-SHIPMENT PICS OF BABY APPLEJACK?!!!!!!!!! O_O I don’t believe I have! Here they are:





As per sugarstitch (who gives a great description on her Deviant Art page – so I’ll just copy and paste!):

Character: Applejack (My Little Pony)
Materials: Minky, suedecloth.
Size: Approx. 10″ to the top of her head and 13″ tall to the top of her hair.


Anyway, Applejack is made from Mango and Yellow minky, and her nappy and hair accessories are made of suedecloth. Her nappy is removable via press studs, and has a red decorative button thing on either side. She has machine embroidered and satin stitched detailing and an adorable little tongue.

YAY!!!!!! ^-^ She’s such a cutie pie!Ā  I’d happily give this little baby ALL my apple fritters!Ā  XDĀ  I can’t wait to meet both Baby Applejack and Winter Wrap-Up Twilight!

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  1. I’m really liking these WIP photos!! It makes me want to learn how plushies are made. Baby Applejack is super cute with the tongue sticking out but totally not what I expected the baby ponies to look like haha (I thought they’d look more like the chibi ponies you have!)


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