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MLP: Earth Pony OC

Meet my earth pony OC! 😀 (she has no name yet :<)


Sorry for the OC spam!  It’s kinda addictive… esp since I end up plushifying them… :3 but this should be my last one for a while (no promises though XD) because I need an earth pony OC to join my OC herd.

I’ve recently become unhealthily obsessed with bright green/orange/yellow coloured ponies. So I decided I needed (yes, needed) an earth pony OC with this sort of colour scheme… so ta da! Here she is! :D (sorry I could not forgo the pink! >.<).

I re-coloured/tweaked a pony I’d ask *Sitrophe to design for me (I told her I wanted braids + bows!). I’ve also decided what her cutie mark’s going to be :3 and have asked *Sitrophe to kindly draw it out for me (because I’m horribad at drawing on the PC :<).

She has no name yet :< (I am open to suggestions).  I am tired though (it is 2am here in New Zealand) and I worked a long day today so I’m going to bed.  GOOD NIGHT!

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  1. Excellent hair color and lines. Reminds me of a rainbow giraffe because of the long neck and legs and nose freckles.


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