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MLP: Fashion Model Fluttershy Sneak Peek!

MLP: Fashion Model Fluttershy Sneak Peek!

Pre-shipment pic for my Fashion Model Fluttershy plushie by my loveliest friend Lavim!

She added swarovski crystals on her vest as a gift for me!!! Awww ~ I ❤ her! She’s perfect! :3

Now to decide which pony to commission her… (by the way, I’ve commissioned Little-Broy-Peep-Inc for Bliss (my earth pony OC)!

So it’d be either Dusk (my stallion/pegasus OC), a Galloping Gala pony or Coronation Dress pony 😀

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  1. She’s beautiful. I must say I’m totally jealous of all your ponies. I started following your website for the Rilakkumas, but MLP is an obsession of mine as well!


  2. Wow she is beautiful! She did such a great job, and very kind to add extra detail. Hmm she really does a great job so maybe Coronation Dress has my vote. I can’t wait to see your others!!


    • yes! she exceeded my expectations! I love how she is so show accurate 😀 so I’m going to entrust Dusk with her :D. I am also going to commission another pony w costume from the show from her.. it’s a toss-up between Coronation Twilight and Galloping Gala Rarity. I’m not a huge fan of Twilight, but I have a lot of Rarity already so :P, I’m eventually going to get both of them though!


  3. When I saw the cartoon I thought it’ll be hard to plushified them but seems like there’s no word “impossible” to Pony Artist! /hands down/ Totally looking forward for the final result!


    • Eh, I thought the plush is not yet done LOL But it’s actually already done? XD
      Nevermind don’t mind my word, I’m now looking forward for the arrival pic + Bliss plushie then! ❤


      • hehe, thanks! yes, that’s fashion model fluttershy and she’s all complete! she looks just like in the show:

        hehe! I’m so excited to meet her in person!

        and yes! looking forward to Bliss when she’s done! 😉


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