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MLP: Trying my hand at sewing pony plushies continued…


My first ever plushie!! :3

Here is a WIP pic of the bigger yellow plushie (who shall become Fluttershy with time). She still needs her details and wings :3. Her body/head are made from enlarging/slightly modifying *valleyviolet‘s pattern. The mane/tail I just whipped up myself… I didn’t have enough fabric to “test out” my pattern first, so they’re not that good XD but I know where to improve for next time and can’t wait to re-make everything again! :) (also – I’m planning to put some wire in her forelock – but I have no wire at home :<)

Will post more WIP pics when I get the chance to sew again…

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    • Thanks so much Faith! I’ll keep working at it! It’s very enjoyable! 😀 and I chose Fluttershy because I only have those minky colours available at home! I’m ordering some more in though! Also, Fluttershy is one of the easier ponies to make (but Pinkie Pie’s probably even easier!)


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