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MLP: Pinkie Pie Plushie Giveaway!


I’m holding a plushie giveaway on my Deviant Art account :3 so if you have a Deviant Art account – please head over there and check it out!

And some quick updates – currently I’m working on THREE ponies 😛 progress so far…

1) Fluttershy plushie – head done, body pattern cut out
2) Twilight plushie – eyes embroidered
3) Rarity plushie – eyes embroidered

soooooo… that’s what I’m busying with, sorry for the lack of replies/updates/comments/blog posts! X’D I’ve also decided to stop doing pre-shipment pics/posts for my ponies. I’ll only blog about them/post pics once I receive them 😛 😛

Working a long day tomorrow, so I should get some zzzz’s! GOOD NIGHT!

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