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WIP – Peach Lovely and Trixie!

Hope you guys like WIP pics and don’t find them annoying :sweatdrop: revamp v2

So – I had initially planned to make Apple Fritter with her costume this time round, but I felt so uninspired just embroidering that same eye design over and over and over again, so I wanted to try something different this time!  😉

I can’t wait to finish them both!  Peach Lovely is a pony I had adopted and I’ll be keeping her for myself, Trixie will be up for adoption via ebay.  I decided to use Cobalt minky for Trixie’s body because I plan to use 2 shades of blue for her hair (as opposed to blue/white).

WIP heads - Peach Lovely and Trixie

WIP heads – Peach Lovely and Trixie

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  1. They’re both gorgeous and I can’t wait to see them finished.

    I need to brush up on my MLP but is Trixie the (fake) magician pony? The one where she keeps calling herself “The Amazing Trixie” and gets really embarrassed and mad when Twilight out performs her?


  2. Oh my gosh I love them both! I’m so excited to see the finished result. Will you be making peach lovely again? I might need her ha ha. Her eyes are beautiful!


    • Thank you so much for liking them! I can’t wait to finish them too! 😉 Peach Lovely is one of my OCs, so I probably will only be making her this time 😦 but you are more than welcome to design an OC too and then I’d be more than happy and extremely honoured to plushify her for you! 😉


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