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My sewing: Stallion pattern WIP with head! (1st test run)

OK!  🙂  Here you go!  Dr Whooves finally has a head!  xD  This is the 1st test run for my stallion head pattern and I’m pretty happy with it!  🙂  Next would be mane/tail (should be pretty straightforward!) and I’ll also include his tie (red or green?!  what do you guys think?  O.O).

Stallion head pattern #1 test run!  :)

Stallion head pattern #1 test run! 🙂

I’m planning to put him up for adoption once I’m done with him 🙂

Thank you for viewing!  😀

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    • Haha, like a lot! Most of the colours that shannon fabrics make and some from minky baby fabric, each colour I have 4-6 yards of… so basically, I have at least several hundred yards worth 🙂


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