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My sewing: Filly head pattern! (WIP)

Melody, Apple Bloom WIP and homeless Dr Whooves!

Melody, Apple Bloom WIP and homeless Dr Whooves!

So I finally got around to sewing my filly head pattern 😉 and I’m pretty pleased with it!  It doesn’t photograph well :< and actually looks a lot cuter in real life!  (just ask my daughter xD).  My baby daughter was playing in the same room, so I thought it’d be cute to take a pic of all of them together.

(BTW, my final filly body pattern will have longer legs than the ones pictured, I thought it’d be a waste to chuck that cute stubby body away so decided to keep & finish it)

Also – poor Dr Whooves is still homeless 😦 so he’s been helping me babysit my pony + human babies lol xD

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  1. Oh!! Your daughter is so big already!! Seems like just recently that I read that you had just delivered your baby!!:)) and your daughter is so very cute with all the ponies!!:)) I think your little filly looks really great!! Love the size and the eyes!! You are doing just great!! If I could, I would give Doctor Whooves and even the filly of yours a home. They are just beautiful!! Daughter Melody too!!


    • Awwww thank you so much! You’re so sweet and kind! Yes! She is quite big already! How time flies (although I can’t wait till she’s potty trained & doesn’t fight sleep xD). Do you have any kids of your own? Or not yet? 😛


      • Yes, I have only one son and he will be 17 this year. I loved it when he was Melody’s age. I felt that when they were so young, it was so much easier to care for them.:)) They would just follow and do whatever you tell them to do.:)) I was a stay at home mum for 15 years and I think because of that, my son and I are very close. He enjoys and appreciates my plushies as much as I do and I am sure that he will find your ponies really pretty and handsome.:)) Being a mum has thought me so many things and I am very happy to be one. Do enjoy all the joy that Melody brings you!!:))


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