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My sewing: Final alicorn/princess pattern!

My princess/alicorn pattern final pattern!

My princess/alicorn pattern final pattern!

YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!  :excited: :chairdance: Excite Ultra Excitement Excited

I FINALLY HAVE AN ALICORN/PRINCESS BODY PATTERN!!!  ^^ (yes, she is again hooveless, because I can’t be bothered hooving with prototypes)

I’m soooooo happy!!!  There are so many princesses/alicorns I want to make!!!!!  I’ll be using this pattern for my newest OC Autumn Orchid first.  Then I’m planning to make some princesses to sell on Ebay, so I won’t be re-opening commissions for a while!  (I WANT TO MAKE PRINCESS CADENCE, CELESTIA, LUNA, FLEUR DE LIS, MARY-JOE ETC OMG!!!  SO MANY OPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :faint: faint)

Anyway!  Sorry I’ve been so busy I haven’t replied to all messages/comments yet >.> and I need to go back to work in an hour argh, I’m covering the rest home/private hospital today.  But I promise I’ll try and answer them asap and also take all those new shannon colour minky pics for you all in the afternoon when the light is a lot better.

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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