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Twilight Sparkle Plushie x2 (one is for sale!)

Hurray!  Twilight’s done and I’m so close to finishing my project in re-plushing the mane 6!  I only have Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash left to go :).  Pinkie Pie should be pretty straightforward (although, I detest satin stitching all those hair lines for her >.<).  Rainbow Dash shouldn’t be too bad either because I only plan to plush one.

As usual, I’ve plushed two Twilights and will be keeping the one on the left for my own collection.  The one on the right is up for sale on Ebay ^^ you can check out the link here:

I’m super delighted with my new forelock pattern for Twilight – I know it looks deceptively straightforward and simple, but it’s actually a lot more work than it appears ^^"  Twilight’s fringe doesn’t translate from 2D to 3D plush form very well.  My main goal was to capture the curves and “bounce” in her fringe.

Her entire mane/tail pattern has also been revised, but was a lot less work than her forelock.

I’m also extremely thrilled I got to plush Twilight with shannon lilac minky, which suits her a lot better than shannon lavender.

And just like my previous Twilight, her wings are removable via magnets.  I used stronger magnets this time, so they'll stay on a lot more sturdily.

Overall, I think she’s a huge improvement compared to my previous Twilight.  I hope you guys like her as much as I do!



*Materials: cuddle 3 minky by Shannon Fabrics
*Minky colours: lilac, midnight blue, fuchsia, purple
*Stuffing: premium polyester fiberfill, craft foam, quilt batting, magnets & wire in her wings & body, and poly pellets in hooves
*Thread: gutermann polyester sew-all thread, gutermann rayon embroidery thread
*Eyes/Cutie marks: machine embroidered
*Size: Approx 16″ tall, 15″ long
*She has my signature embroidered into the bottom of her front right hoof

You can buy the Twilight on the right here:

Since there were no adequate offers for Rarity on DA, I’ve decided to place her up on ebay too!  She’s one of my older plushies so her pricing is cheaper.  You can check her out here:

Rarity plushie sewn by meee!!!  Older plushie, made in 2013

Rarity plushie sewn by meee!!! Older plushie, made in 2013

I’m also still selling the Fluttershy by Kairigurl on Ebay:

Fluttershy plushie by KairiGurl

Fluttershy plushie by KairiGurl

Thank you all so much for reading!  🙂 And I hope you have a terrific weekend!

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  1. Hello! I would like to buy, but when I go to the link to buy, Ebay says I searched everywhere but couldn’t find the site.
    Can you help me? I loved your stuffed Twilight!


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