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Fawn & Snow White and Witch dolls

Okay – this is a looooong overdue picture-heavy post of two of my limited edition Disney dolls. Poor Fawn has been sitting at the back of my shelves collecting dust since her release earlier this year in Feb 2015 ^^” She’s actually such a gorgeous doll, and I feel so guilty for neglecting her this long (I should also reaaaaaally watch Legend of the NeverBeast some time ^^” I have it on my USB!)

I’m also featuring my latest Disney doll – Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Snow White and The Witch (Heroes and Villains) ^____^ I’m not a massive Snow White fan, but this is probably my favourite set out of the Heroes and Villains collection 😀 Love them apples 😉

I’m forgoing the Peter Pan and Captain Hook set (I’m just not feeling them :S), but am planning to get the Rapunzel, Ariel and Elsa sets (wish me good luck!! ^^ they sell out super fast!). I’m also going to try my luck with the Frozen Fever 17″ sets as well as the DFDC Anna and Kristoff set.

Lastly, I’ve already pre-ordered my 17″ Jasmine doll so I’m really looking forward to seeing her mid October! 🙂 (unfortunately, I won’t be getting Aladdin or Jafar ^^”)

Oh! And before I sign off, in case you guys weren’t aware – I’ve started collecting Monster High dolls several months ago ^^ I’ve been extremely lazy with taking & sharing photos >w< and with 300+ dolls, it’s going to be mission impossible featuring them one by one. I reckon I’m going to have to do a group pic some time… … … we’ll see? hehe ~

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