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My second set of Frozen Fever dolls ^^”

Uh… so I’ve regretfully succumbed to the Frozen Fever ^^” and I got myself another set of the 17″ Frozen Fever dolls 😛

It’s super cool how my second set of dolls actually look quite different from my first – the face/hair etc – which makes each doll truly unique!

And I might well show you a quick WIP pic of my latest pony project:

"Mystery" OC pony that I'm plushing at the moment :P

“Mystery” OC pony that I’m plushing at the moment 😛

She’s an OC of mine 🙂 I’ve adorned her eyes with sparkly little Swarovski crystals! This was inspired by all the gems in Elsa & Anna’s dresses 😛

I’ve also been busy trying my hand at dyeing minky for this OC’s hair 🙂 This was my very first time! And I had a lot of fun! I’ve caught the process on camera, and posted this video on my Patreon – so feel free to check it out! (note you have to be a patron to view it ^^”)

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