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Newest Rilakkuma addition :)

I’m still collecting Rilakkuma!  Just a lot more selectively than before 😉

Take a look at my newest addition! They are in a strawberry bunny costume!

Strawberry bunny Rilakkuma set

Strawberry bunny Rilakkuma set

Here are some stock photos of the set.

They are slightly smaller than the usual standard size – Rilakkuma’s height is 7″ to the top of his bunny ears (as opposed to the usual >8″ height) however they are still made from the same soft plush material :).

I totally adore these, they combine three of my most favourite things! Strawberries, bunnies and PINK!!!! >W<

By the way – I’ve still got some Rilakkuma for sale on my Ebay page! 🙂 I’ve lowered the price for a lot of them so please check them out! (Sorry shipping cost is a killer in New Zealand ^^” so I’ve tried to compensate for that by lowering the plush price)

Thanks for checking in! ^________^

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    • Thank you so much! 🙂 Yes! I’m still collecting and have held onto some special ones ^^ these are just precious aren’t they? Hope everything is going well with you! I see you are still going super strong with Rilakkuma 😉 that’s wonderful!


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