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707 (aka Seven/Luciel) plush! (Mystic Messenger)

Look!  It’s an extra cuddly edition of God Seven!  XD (aka Luciel/707/Saeyoung)

Seven’s by far the most popular RFA boy so I really hope I did him enough justice!  (my poor Jumin!  80% comments on him was about Seven T_____T”)

He was quite fiddly to plush with all his accessories and like Zen, a big messy mop of hair xD.  Regardless, I still had a blast making him.  My favourite part was working with all those bright and vivid colours.

Anyway, that completes the RFA boys!  (… well… except V…)  I’d love to do a group photo of them all together sometime ^____^

707/Seven/Luciel/Saeyoung plush sewn by meeee!!!

707/Seven/Luciel/Saeyoung plush sewn by meeee!!!

Material – cuddle 3 shannon minky, 40% wool blend felt
Height – about 10″ tall
Machine embroidered details
Plush pattern and embroidery designed by me (sorry, I don’t distribute my plush patterns publicly)

The next guy I’d been planning to plush was Saeran (time to whip out that airbrush!), but his design is quite similar to Seven so I’m thinking of plushing Jisoo from Dandelion first instead…?  Or Jiwoo?  Hmm…

Also there’s the commission opening that I’ve been promising everyone… LOL!  There’s been a lot of interest in these dolls, but I suspect a lot of the demand will die down once I announce my pricing.

Just some food for thought, I put a lot of effort and time into these dolls.  Each doll takes at least 30 hours to design and sew, so the pricing will reflect that.  I’m thinking at least $300-400NZD depending on complexity.

My current plan is to open 1 slot per Mystic Messenger RFA boy (Yoosung, Jumin, Zen, 707)
I will also open 1 slot for any human character (doesn’t have to be from Mystic Messenger)
That makes 5 total slots
Expected wait time per plush is 6-8 weeks, so I will need to put everyone down on a list
If there’s too much interest for one character, I will need to do a random draw

On a totally unrelated note –  my BJD from Iple House has arrived!  ^___^ I’m going to go debox her tonight!  I hope my BJD boys will be done soon too (before the Christmas rush!)!!

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