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Fixing wonky Rainbow High dolls…

So being an “international” doll collector – I could only resort to purchasing my Rainbow Highs from Amazon. I ordered three of each Poppy and Ruby to increase my chances of getting a “perfect” doll.

Two out of three of my Poppys were almost perfect, the other one had a very minor paint defect on a lip corner. Whereas, all three of my Rubys had some issues. One had very minor paint loss over her brown eyeshadow, and the other two had the dreaded wonky eyes -_-.

Fortunately, these dolls have inset eyes, and I’ve seen people fix them online so I decided to give it a go myself. I thought it might be helpful to post my process, in case another poor collector like me faces the same issue.

So I’ve watched people fix the eyes by removing them with boiling water and screwdriver. The most thorough one is the YouTube video by xCanadensis.

I’m less adventurous, and I’m one of those collectors that baby my dolls like glass and would much prefer leave them untouched in their boxes if at all possible… so I wanted to try something less “invasive”.

The first thing I tried was simply rubbing down on the eye towards the desired direction. I washed my thumb before to remove any oil to maximise the amount of friction I could create with the eye. I made sure to secure the head down with my other hand whilst doing this. It did work to a degree, and may be all you need if your doll has very minor eye wonk.

The next thing I tried was heating up the doll’s head a little to soften the plastic. I normally prefer to do this with a hairdryer as I detest getting my dolls wet… but because Rainbow High dolls have rooted lashes, I was worried I may inadvertently deform or melt them. So I opted for some hot water.

I found the hottest water from my tap was enough to soften the plastic adequately for this process, and I didn’t need to use boiling water. After placing the doll’s face under the tap in running hot water for about 30 seconds, the plastic became quite soft and I was able to rub the eye further into the desired position. You want to press down on the eye then push along the direction you wish for it to move towards. You may want to remove her clothes before doing this in case they get wet. I was able to get away with just wrapping her clothed body in a towel.

You can repeat this process as many times as you need. Just be careful not to scrunch up her lashes while pressing and pushing.

And voila! Problem fixed!

This should work pretty well for dolls with mild or moderate eye wonk. If your doll is super crazy wonky, you may still need to remove and resite the eyeball completely as shown in xCanadensis’ video.

Now I can look at both of these ex-wonky Rubys with love, rather than disgust and derision x’D.

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  1. I am sorry if’s inappropriate to contact you like this, but I was wondering if you ever plan to open your commissions for humanoid plush dolls again?

    Thank you and kind regards^^


    • Hi! Don’t worry, it’s fine! Unfortunately, my plush commissions remain closed. I definitely plan on getting back to it in the future. I appreciate that you like my work enough to ask though. Thanks!


      • Thank you for your kind reply 🙂 they are indeed outstanding, so I just had to ask. I am looking forward to the reopening, whenever it might be 🙂


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