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Mystic Messenger – Saeran/Ray/Unknown appreciation post!

Cheritz recently announced its Valentine’s Event for this year, and released this precious picture of cutie pie Ray

This inspired me to share some of my Saeran/Ray/Unknown merch! I still have a bunch of random otome merch that I plan to eventually showcase on this blog/my flickr (including Collar x Malice, Code Realize, Hakuoki (I got both the Hajime and Okita Kotobukiya ARTFX J figures), Arcana, Mr Love: Queen’s Choice and Uta no Prince-sama) some very distant day…

Firstly, I bought these adorable Saeran plushies from a chinese seller on Taobao:

I had to pre-order these cuties back in July last year via Bhiner (a Taobao agent). They were finally finished mid-January this year, so production took in total about 6-7 months! But boy was the wait sooooo worth it! I’ve actually been meaning to plush a Saeran plush myself, but never got around to it ( ≧Д≦). Fun fact – the doll factory mistook Unknown’s belt collar for a pants belt, so it was made far too long -______- fortunately, it was an easy fix for me.

Next up! I bought a bunch of Saeran/Ray/Unknown goods from the official Cheritz store on release waaaaaaay back in August 2018. I just never got around to posting them ^^”

Safe to say, my favourite MM boy is definitely Saeran/Ray/Unknown. It used to be Jumin, but he was pretty quickly dethroned after I played Saeran’s route. I tend to have a soft spot for antagonistic “gray” characters (but not “bad boys”… those are a little too basic for me).

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  1. those are so pretty!! I’ve wanted those same plushies for a while now, do you know where I could get them?


    • Unfortunately, I don’t think you can get these anymore. The seller specifically said several times on her twitter/Instagram she wouldn’t be selling them again. Her name is siver707 if you want to look her up.


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