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Banpresto Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba: Kyojuro Rengoku Figures!

My goodness! How long has it been since I last updated my Rengoku shrine?! I’ve received so many new idols that posting them together will be a little overwhelming. So today, I’ll be focusing on my prize figures first, and I’ll share my plushies at a later date. I’ve already taken all the pictures, and just need some time to go over them.

Today I showcase my Banpresto Rengoku figures. Both are pretty amazing especially considering their very affordable price point. Of course, minor defects are to be expected since they are prize figures, but overall I reckon they did a fantastic job capturing Rengoku’s likeness and fiery spirit. The details in his hair and clothes sculpts are impressive, and I adore how dynamic his signature flame cape seemingly flutters, especially in the Vibration Stars figure. His teeny tiny nichirin blade is beautifully detailed with a gorgeous metallic sheen that makes it look so authentic.

Overall, both figures are amazing and I’m absolutely thrilled to add them to my Rengoku shrine. If I had to choose a favourite, I think the VS figure takes the cake, with his commanding battle pose, blazing scowl-smirk and intricate mini flame nichirin blade. These guys get me so hyped up about my ArtFX Kotobukiya Rengoku figures due for release in November! I preordered two so I can debox one for display. November can’t come soon enough!!

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