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Rengoku Plushies!!

What an insanely busy day at work today. Fridays are always absolutely ludicrous. But I’m alive and kicking. And what better way to recover and recharge than to share and appreciate my Rengoku plushies while blasting Homura through my headphones (important… as it’s currently 2am and my whole family’s asleep ).

Anyway, except for the little Bandai plushie that I bought from amiami, all the other plushies pictured here were won from Toreba.

They are all super cute, and I love how diversely they’ve chibified Rengoku-san. My favourite is definitely the big FuRyu plushie that I won three of (yes, I managed to win three from the same machine; in my defense, it was criminally easy once you figured out where the sweet spot was). He’s one of the only Rengoku plushies I’ve seen with adorable blushie cheeks . He also has the word “滅” or “metsu” printed at the back of his demon slayer corps uniform, I love love LOVE this little detail.

It appears FuRyu currently has monopoly over Demon Slayer prize plushies since all the ones pictured here are made by them. I’ve recently won another different Rengoku plushie from Toreba, and I’m not sure whether he’s also part of the FyRyu line, but of course I will share him with you all once he arrives!

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