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Figuarts Mini Kyojuro Rengoku Figure

The first “idol” of my Rengoku shrine has arrived! It is a Figuarts Mini figure by Bandai, and he is insanely cute!

This is my very first Figuarts Mini figure, and he bears a very great and adorable likeness to dear Rengoku-san. He stands approximately 9cm tall, and has two pairs of interchangeable arms that are easy to change in and out.

Compared to a nendoroid, he’s smaller, lighter, has less interchangeable parts and more paint defects (albeit mostly minor). He’s also about half the price of a typical nendoroid, which is crazy cheap considering his level of quality and amount of details.

This cute little Rengoku-san will now take his foreseeably permanent place on my computer desk 😍.

More new Rengoku “idols” should arrive early next week, so stay tuned for more updates on my Rengoku shrine 😁!

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