OMG Dance Dance Dance B-Gurl

I bought B-Gurl! I remember planning on just getting Miss Royale from the Dance, Dance, Dance line, but the more pictures I saw of B-Gurl, the more she grew on me.

She’s honestly not the style of doll I usually go for, but there’s just something so captivating and special about her; she totally has the “it” factor. She’s “lit, slay, fierce, snatched”, basically all those cool words the “in” millennials use nowadays put together 😅. And she knows it, just look at her waistband! Her white face paint also says “KO”, because she’s “totally killing it” xD.

I also thought at first those painted on baby curls on her forehead would look super weird, but surprisingly they don’t at all. They’re actually really cute, and frame her face perfectly.

Her overall colour scheme’s frankly pretty simple – mostly black and silver, but somehow she still manages to be such an aggressively unique and loud doll. I do adore her contrasting pop of pink offered by the graffiti hot pink lining of her holographic silver puffer jacket (as well as her hot pink briefs, totally not in a weird and perverted way of course – I just really appreciate these little details).

And that’s one of the things I prefer about the OMG dolls over Rainbow High. The Rainbow High dolls look far too beautiful, angelic and doe-eyed to pull off this look well – Jade kinda tries her best?, but misses the mark (sorry!).

Anyway, I love my B-Gurl to bits, and I’m pretty certain I’ll be getting at least another one very soon!


Update (17/4/21): As promised, I love B-Gurl so much I bought another one! This one had a little bit of paint defect on one of her eyeliners that I was able to touch up with black acrylic and gloss varnish.

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