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OMG Dance Dance Dance Miss Royale x4

Last month, my sister bought me Miss Royale for my birthday. At that time, I had cut down on collecting OMG dolls and focused more on Rainbow High due to the stress of finding defects on unboxing them.

That’s actually the main reason I only picked up one Miss Royale at that time. However, after lucking out with the most perfect looking Miss Royale and seeing just how gorgeous she is in person, I decided to pick up two more today. I will be deboxing the one from my sister for display, and keeping the other two in their boxes for now. I had to get two just in case of defects, and while neither were as “perfect” as my first from my sister, they’re good enough.

Miss Royale has always been my favourite from the Dance, Dance, Dance line. There’s just something so classically elegant and alluring about her, and her perfectly soft pastel colours and unique fluffy yarn-like hair texture are simply divine. She’s a complete work of art.

I’ll definitely be posting more pics of this classic beauty once I debox her, but before I finish, I just have to comment on how funny it is that she reminds me of Sweetie Belle from My Little Pony . It must be due to those fluffy pastel purple and pink little cinna-buns huhuhu. Very cute indeed.


Update (17/4/21): I picked up a fourth Miss Royale because I’m kind of curious how her yarn-like hair is let down. I’ll post pics once I get around to it.

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