My search for my perfect Roller Chick is finally over!

After months of searching for the ever elusive “perfect” Roller Chick, becoming frustrated and finally giving up after finding none, I decided to try my luck one last time after seeing some stock at a newly opened Warehouse.

And it looks like all that neurotic searching and buying has finally paid off, because all four Roller Chicks I picked out were close to perfect! I decided to debox the most perfect looking one, and kept the other three in their boxes as “backups”.

So here are photos of my new Roller Chicks. In total, I now have 4 deboxed Roller Chicks and 3 boxed Roller Chicks. Yea, if you hadn’t noticed already, Roller Chick’s my all time favourite OMG doll to date. I gushed about her a little here:

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