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Digimon! Digital monsters! Digimon are the Champions!

Digimon! Digital monsters! Digimon are the Champions!  Digimon’s such an underrated series, I actually prefer it to Pokemon.  The characters are interesting and so much better developed.  There’s also a very engaging storyline with much deeper and sobering undertones.

Admittedly, I only properly watched the first season, and casually watched the others. Unfortunately, they were all the dumbed down dubbed version.  I’ve seen glimpses of the subbed version and it’s sooo much better!

My absolute favourite DigiDestined was Matt Ishida (Yamato)!  I was utterly obsessed with (and probably had a crush on) him during my early grammar years, and I remember drawing soooo much fanart of him.  I now own a small handful of his merch, and thought it’d be nice to share them.  Here are some pics of his MegaHouse G.E.M. Series figure that I ordered from Japan several years ago, and a tsum that my brother bought me when he holidayed in Japan.  It’s so soft and cute!  I also have another MegaHouse figure of Matt leaning against a sleeping Garurumon playing his harmonica, but I haven’t had a chance to debox and photograph it yet.

My favourite digimon was Gatomon because I just love how feisty and sassy she was, her friendship with Wizardmon was touching, and I’m a huge sucker for bad-turns-to-good redemption arcs.  Her evolved form as Angewomon was really elegant and beautiful as well. So the moment I saw that Toreba had digimon plushies, I immediately jumped in a machine to try and win her.  There’s an oversaturation of the same group of Pokemons making all sorts of winkie faces, doing all sorts of different things, eating all sorts of different fruits; but there’s very rarely any Digimon plushies, which I find super sad.

Knowing how rigged Toreba can be, I told myself I’d be happy with just winning Gatomon.  However, to my surprise the claw was crazy strong and I ended up winning both her and Patamon!  Which is amazing because I adore this sweet little potato.  His evolution to Angemon was one of my most favourite scenes from the cartoon.  I remember bawling (in secret of course).  This is in spite of how cheesy and cringey the dubbed version was in comparison to the subbed version!  Man, I really must find time to watch the entire season subbed some time!  Anyway, I love these fluffy happy babies and they’re never leaving my plush collection ever!

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