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So Lucky Me, So Lucky Emily!

So, it’s been over a year? since I last posted about Hairdorables.  I guess all the defects just overwhelmed me, and there were also multiple things going on during that time, which probably made me fuss and obsess over these even more.

Now I’m in a better state of mind, I’ve started adopting a more forgiving stance on “defects”.  To be honest, collecting MGA dolls has really helped me with this lmao!  And I’d hate to give up on something I enjoy due to this unrealistic and rigid fear of defects.

So yes!  I am now officially back on the Hairdorables train!  And with perfect timing because Series 6 was just recently released!  Though they are only currently available in the US, so I’m going to have to wait another 3 or more months before I can experience the thrill of opening some blind myself.

I did purchase the ones I mainly want from fellow collectors already – namely Ombre Emily and ROYGBIV Rayne. Ombre Emily is my favourite from the Series 6 lot. I think a splash of pink looks really gorgeous on her, and I hope to see more of this in her future dolls.  Her fancy casual outfit is adorable, and I love how they use a nice thick denim-like material for her little shorts.  So cute.

I’m still waiting on ROYGBIV Rayne so I’ll post separately about her once she gets here.  I’m not particularly smitten with her design, and mainly bought her because she’s Rayne.  I’ve actually cut down and sold most of my Hairdorables collection, only keeping mostly Raynes and Emilys.  Those two girls are my clear favourites.

Now last, but definitely not least, I took the plunge and bought So Lucky Emily! She’s the Series 5 rare, and I got her from Idlefish. The pricing for her there is a lot fairer than on other marketplaces like Ebay (albeit still rather expensive).  It goes without saying, she’s my all time Hairdorables grail and I love her to bits!  As I’d previously mentioned, pink looks absolutely gorgeous on Emily, and her elegant sakura pink and metallic gold Kimono certainly showcases this.  And together with her intricate japanesque up-do, bold winged almond eyes, delicate powder pink eyeshadow and beautiful blushing smile, she is a literal work of art!  And now that I’ve seen her in person, I’m obsessed!  I need more of her for my collection! So I’m in the midst of ordering two more from Idlefish.

So yes, it appears that the crazy Hairdorables lady has returned 😂!!

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