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Numbered Jett Dawson!

I can’t believe I lucked out with a numbered Jett Dawson! Mine is #499/1000. I preordered two from Amazon US on release day, and because presales were restricted to the US, I had to resort to using a freight forwarder to ship her to me.

Her box came a little beat up, and most of those gold corner pieces came loose so I had to glue them back on. Because she’s numbered, I do want to keep her on display in her box, so it’s a little frustrating she came this way. Sadly it’s one of the perks of ordering from the US. I’m just grateful nothing is broken, cracked or damp. The deboxed Jett showing here is the other unnumbered one I got.

I also shipped a bunch of other dolls along with Jett, including the De’Vious twins, Barbie Extra deluxe dolls, made to move barbies, Barbie BMR1959 and the 2021 Lunar New Year Barbie. The entire package weighed a whopping 9kg!

Now onto the Jett doll herself. She’s gorgeous. I love how edgy and bold she is with her monochromatic black and white graphic sketch style. I appreciate her extra articulation in the chest and ankles, and her buttery smooth and soft rainbow pastel hair is to die for. She also sports a different skin tone from the other girls? She seems to have more pink undertones than the fairest dolls like Ruby and Poppy, and it’s so radiant and beautiful. They’ve also really toned down on the face shimmer and she her face is mostly matte, which is a treat for photos.

So I’m fully aware of all the controversy surrounding this “collector’s edition” doll. And on one hand, I do agree that she’s somewhat overpriced compared to other Rainbow High dolls such as Avery Styles. However, you’re really getting bang for your buck if you compare her with let’s say, a limited edition Disney doll. And it’s mostly in her second outfit.

It’s a runway style burgundy red mermaid dress, fully lined and embroidered. It definitely plays a big part in driving her cost up. And that’s unfortunate. Because while I do appreciate the craftsmanship and time that went into this fashion piece, I can’t say I’m a fan. I wish they’d put their time and budget on something more cohesive and less restrictive for Jett. I just don’t see myself putting this impractical and extravagant dress on any of the current Rainbow High dolls. It will likely just act as a background decor or prop, which is a real pity. There are already several YT videos showing how problematic the dress is to get on and pose in.

Before I sign off, I do have to note that I’m so glad MGA finally released an east asian doll (even though her surname doesn’t sound asian at all?) because we asians get so little representation in most doll lines. I hope to see more asian dolls enter the Rainbowverse.

So all in all, while I do adore this doll and she’s definitely amongst my top favourites, she is not without issues. I have already ordered two more of her from Amazon (I’m trying to get one with deep red ombre lips like my numbered one which I will not be deboxing). As of now, my absolute favourite Rainbow High doll is Laurel De’vious. She’s absolutely breathtaking, and I am so in love with her fiery colours and new face mould. More on that soon!!

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