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The De’Vious Twins!

Oh gosh, I’ve been playing faaaar too much Pokemon Unite lately so my flickr and wordpress have really fallen to the wayside.

There are still so many dolls, plushies and Rengoku merch I need to share!  And the great news is, I’ll be going on a full month’s leave next month in November which will give me plenty of time to post.

The year 2021 is coming to a close, and admittedly it’s been a rough last couple of months for me.  Between work issues and covid lockdowns, I’ve noticed burnout slowly, but surely, creeping up on me.

I timed my leave for November as I was desperately hoping we’d be out of lockdown by then, so I could go doll hunting for the Rainbow High Winter Break and series 3 dolls.  How frustrating that they were released all at once during the first month of lockdown, following several months of “doll drought” in New Zealand.  I got so bored (or thirsty) that I bought at least three of each Cheer doll (even Jade, who I don’t collect, to use as an eye donor for customs) because that was all we had for many months.

My desperate hope to be released from lockdown quickly diminished to disappointment with the government’s recent announcement that a target of 90% double vaccination rate is required.  Even though I’m medical, I think this is rather ambitious and bordering on ludicrous.

Aaaaanyway, I don’t want to muddy my post with politics and covid talk.  So I want to share pics of my De’Vious twins that I ordered from Amazon several months ago.  I got them at about the same time as Jett Dawson, but never got around to posting them.

I actually ended up purchasing three sets, because of previous issues with defects when ordering online.  Fortunately, most of them were pretty decent, so I ended up keeping two sets.  One set will remain unopened and be used as background decor for my desk.

So up until Series 3, these De’Vious twins were hands down my favourite Rainbow High dolls.  I just love how sultrily fierce and unique their face moulds are. 

I adore the beautiful blend of colours in their luscious locks – one cool, one hot.  The colours contrast, yet complement each other perfectly.  Both twins are absolutely gorgeous, but I do favour Laurel a tad more, because I’m all about fire.  I’m also a big sucker for that gold/white colour scheme she has on.

I’m normally not fussed about nails and manicures, but let’s just appreciate how cute their multicoloured nails are!  Each with colours reflecting their respective hot and cold themes.  Such attention to details is as equally impressive as it is refreshing, and is partly what keeps me coming back for more and more Rainbow High (despite the sizeable chasm it has left in my bank account).

I’m now a little afraid of watching the Rainbow High Show, because I’ve become hopelessly bewitched by this gorgeous pair, and I’d hate to have their spell’s hold over me weaken due to how b*tchy or obnoxious these girls are in the show.  Please, please, pleeeease make them likeable and relateable villains!!!

And finally, I must end with my first of two confessions.  That I bought another two sets of these girls from Amazon yesterday, just in time to arrive close towards the end of my leave.  Along with them, I also ordered some Barbie Looks dolls (I completely missed out on these on release day).  I am hoping to luck out with a perfect De’Vious twins set to keep “mint in box”.  I use quotation marks because lately I’ve received nothing but broken and damaged packages from Amazon.  Sadness.

My second and final confession tonight, is that I caved and ended up spending about $800 ordering a bunch of Rainbow High Series 3 and Winter Break dolls online!  And I’ve actually received some already!  I can’t wait to share them with you.  I also have a bunch of barbies including the otherworldly beauty Gold Label Amethyst barbie to post about!  There’s also my 17″ Disney limited edition Mary Blair Alice doll and Esmeralda too!!!  And my Jellycats!   Oh gosh, the list is endless.  Can you see why I need to take that one month off now?!

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