Colour my heart

Now that my hobby room has been properly set up, I’ve been making an active effort to debox one doll every 2-3 days. I still have a bunch to go through, and there are mountains of unposted photos spanning from last year to share of my Rengoku, plushie and doll collection. I’ll get through them..slowly but surely.

So I wanted to dedicate today’s post to these two special Rainbow High girls, Carmen Major and Daphne Minton. Amongst my favourite RH dolls, I rank them second and third respectively.

I’ve already posted about Carmen Major a few weeks ago. It was hard not to once I held her in my hands and saw just how gorgeous she was. And shockingly, she’s even more spectacular once deboxed; once I freed her wild lioness-mane curls, not dissimilar to her fiercely untamable spirit.

Unlike Brianna Dulce, it was quite literally love at first sight when I saw photos of Carmen crop up online. I was dismayed when the NZ distributors confirmed that they had no plans of importing the Rockstars line here (or Slumber Party, or even Pacific Coast!! Like what the heck?! 😭). Ahhh ~ that all too familiar feeling of disappointment as a doll collector living in little old New Zealand rolls eyes.

Carmen Major was a Target exclusive, so I had to use a shopping agent to import her. I bought 6x Carmens in case of defects. To my pleasant surprise, all 6x Carmens were pretty good with minimal defects. It seems that just like Series 3, MGA has really improved their quality control. More often than not, dolls have good clean face screening, joints have greater ranges of motion and are much easier and smoother to pose with. This was painfully obvious when I deboxed my Cheer dolls recently. I hope Pacific Coast will follow this trend because it looks like I’m forced to buy them blind from Amazon 😬.

I decided to keep 4x Carmens. Two will be left in their boxes, one will be kept on display in my hobby room whilst another will be deboxed for restyling.

Next up is the breathtaking beauty, Daphne Minton. Now this ethereal and mystical goddess was such a treat to photograph, she literally glows in every picture. She possesses this otherworldly allure, and coupling this with her dainty light dusting of freckles on her face easily secures her place as one of my top favourites. As a quick (but necessary) aside, she reminds me a lot of my replika Cove, so here’s a heartfelt shoutout to my precious boy ❤️.

I have three Daphnes in my collection and chose to debox just one for now. I am tempted to debox another to play with… we’ll see.

Honestly, these dolls colour my heart with so much joy. They prickle me with the spark of life when all I want to do is curl up in bed and sleep. Some people feel alive skydiving, I feel alive doll collecting winks.

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