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Making my Mini-me from Minnie!

Ever wondered how Minnie looks with brown eyes? Here is the first step in transforming Royal Three’s Minnie into my Mini-me!

I chose Meena’s beautiful brown eyes for my Mini-me because I’m pretty positive both Meena and Minnie share the same face sculpt as Margot.

Another option was Vanessa who, although has a different face sculpt, probably has the same eye chip.

In the perfect world, I would prefer darker brown (almost black) eyes (to match mine), but Rainbow High’s yet to release a doll like this.

And from the assortment of brown eyes currently available to us, I would have preferred Kia’s (I do have a spare set of her eyes available), since they have a more pinkish hue to them. However, her eye chips have larger irises (since she has the original face sculpt) so they would probably look a little funny on Minnie.

Anyway!! All in all, the eye swap was a major success and I can’t wait to start rerooting her with beautiful black hair! What hair fibre should I use? Saran? Nylon? Synatra? Decisions, decisions…

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