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League of Legends: Varus Statue

My Varus statue arrived today!  Varus is one of my favourite male champions of League of Legends. I also received a free gift hehe. Baby is getting fussy so I better make this post brief! Here are the pictures! I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. I […]

Beware of fake Caitlyns!

Just thought I’d do a quick post on fake/replica Caitlyn statues! I’ve seen a lot of them floating around Ebay for extremely low prices like $20-30USD etc Do not be fooled! Those are fakes/replicas! They are made of cheap plastic and are mass produced!    Just be very careful […]

Chibi Clay League of Legends models :D

And here are my chibi clay League of Legends models! They are SOOO CUTE! I have included their corresponding champion splash art for comparison/reference for those not familiar with League of Legends. First of all… my main and favourite champion! Miss Fortune! (in 3 skins!) My favourite skin […]

Keeping Miss Fortune safe…

I’ve put my Road Warrior Miss Fortune model in a glass dome display case to keep her safe from dust and greasy fingers. Since my last post about League of Legends (LOL), I have bought more champion models. I will show case them when I receive them 🙂