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Peach Lovely Plushie! (My OC)

I’m so proud to present – Miss Peach Lovely! She’s one of my OCs and was originally adopted from disfiguredstick (she’s a fantastic artist, be sure to check her out when you have time! I’ve already adopted 4x ponies from her!). Peach would make plushie number 23! I […]

The Pegasi…

It’s summer in New Zealand so there’s plenty of sunshine! It was such a beautiful day today, so I just couldn’t resist taking another pic of these two cuties before putting them away on my display shelves 🙂

My sewing: My Fluttershy plushie :3

So I’ve just finished the second Fluttershy (for my own collection) I was working on during my Fluttershy commission.  This makes her plushie number 17.  I wanted to try use bubblegum pink minky for her hair instead as well as closed wings.  I feel closed wings suit Fluttershy […]