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Yay! This is the Pinkie Pie that I had previously commissioned from the talented Finnickie (before I bought the one from PulsefireKitten). I wanted this Pinkie’s hair to be slightly poofier/bigger. I am so happy and I love both artists’ style, thus I will be keeping both Pinkies […]

My Little Pony: Commissions

So… I’ve been busy… busy spending a LOT OF $$$$ that is… with the money I’ve spent on pony commissions so far – I’d probably be able to buy a Louis Vuitton bag… or even two 😦 Not good news for my wallet at all. But I can’t […]

My Little Pony: Apple Bloom is here!

Hello everyone! So pleased to announce the arrival of my very first (of very many XD) custom My Little Pony plush!! And it’s Apple Bloom!! Complete with her Cutie Mark Crusaders Cape! Here is Apple Bloom from the cartoon for reference – And here is my cute plushie! […]

My Little Pony: Pony Crazy

Hello! Just thought I’d do a quick blog post about my recent pony craze with My Little Pony. I’ve been shopping around for some cute plushies (uh-oh~) and was quite surprised at how valuable and expensive a lot of these pony plushies are. I’m talking about the handcrafted […]