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Pony plushies sewn by me! :D

My Sewing: Rarity V2.0!

I’ve decided to make a new blog category titled “My Sewing” as I reckon it can get a bit confusing since I collect ponies from other artists as well as myself!!!  XD Anyway! Here she is: So for my 7th plushie, I decided to re-make Rarity! 😀 Again, […]

MLP: Roseluck has arrived ;)

Roseluck has arrived! 😀 Yay! She’s by one of my favourite plushie artists – GreenTeaPlushies! I’ve wanted to commission Roseluck for a while now :3 she has a fairly straightforward design, but her colour scheme and her cutie marks are so pretty. And here is Roseluck plushified! She […]

MLP: Hugest and cuddliest ponies :D

A huge box came for me yesterday morning.  HUGE box.  And guess who were in it?!  HUGE PONIES (of course :P)!  And who makes the hugest ponies?!  Well… that’s easy… who else – but BURZURK! Yep, so crystal pony Fluttershy and Rarity arrived yesterday morning 😀 I was […]

MLP: Crystal Pony Pinkie Pie!

Oh wow – I’m so impressed with the detail in this one. I’m proud to announce the arrival of my first plushie from the amazing MLPT-Fan from Poland :3 She’s an incredible plushie artist and I’m so honoured to finally own a pony by her! I chose to […]