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MLP: Fashion Model Fluttershy!

Omg – I’m so happy! Fashion Model Fluttershy arrived today and she’s absolutely perfect! 2 other ponies also arrived today and I’ll be blogging about them in the next post! 😀 here is a teaser pic of all three cuties together :3 Wow, where do I begin? The […]

MLP: WIP second plushie!

Quick WIP pic for my second plushie :3 I upgraded my sewing machine (which was extremely basic) to a computerized one that allowed me to control the size of my satin stitches (yay! I can stitch eyelashes properly now!) – so the applique eyes look much better now […]

MLP: Sugarstitch plushies are here!

Hurray! Guess who arrived this morning! SUGARSTITCH’S PLUSHIES! I You might faintly remember reading about me fangirling over my commissions with her, which were Baby Applejack and Winter Wrap-up Twilight! Yep! That’s right! I welcomed 2 ponies this morning! YAY! And both are HUGE and CUDDLY! Even more […]