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Mission pending… time to abort mission?

So unfortunately Yumi has been having trouble securing my Happy Rainbow 7th Anniversary Ice Cream Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma >.< (aka ‘Zombie Rilakkuma’)

I’ve been shopping around myself for them and so far no luck.  But I have come across the following on sale…

Shiny ice-cream... YUM! (Picture courtesy of Rilakkuma-Fan's Flickr)

I’ve been eyeing these before as well but I chose the zombie ones over them because of the kawaii protuding tongues!!!!  But now Joe’s sort of ruined them for me… and they have been so hard to track down…. so maybe it’s time I aborted my zombie mission and instead bring these cute plushies home.  They are from the More Relax by Rilakkuma series.

Also,  I might be adopting some of the following too…

More relax by Rilakkuma!

Rilakkuma goes to Paris!

But I must remind myself not to go crazy and to keep my monthly Rilakkuma budget in mind.

On another side note, Yumi managed to track down some Dice-k books for my dog loving mother.  My mum had looked everywhere for Dice-K related books/magazines whilst she was in Japan last year and now we’ve got some for her!  Yay!  Thank you Yumi!

Dice-K books for mum ^-^

And yes, no couriers have come knocking on my door yet  >.<

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