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Marine Kumas ^^

My cute Marine Kumas are here!!!  Wow!  When I saw them, I was lost for words.  Their costume detail is nothing short of amazing!  Even the tiny golden badges on their caps are so intricate and well done (and so shiny!).  Thus I conclude, Rilakkuma is definitely the Louis Vuitton of the plush world ^^

Here are my unboxing pics –

As usual, fabulous packaging by Yumi ^-^

Rilakkuma. Daradara life (lazy life). Since 2003. LOL!

They are such little darlings!  I am so glad I decided to buy them in the end 🙂 and it’s nice not to have Kiiro interrupting the Kuma series once in a while (haha, jokes!  Kiiro would’ve looked so cute in a sailor suit too!  I wonder why they decided not to make him…)

Anyway, on another note – for those who may be interested, here are the plush pics of the Limited Tokyo Sky Tree Edition:

I haven’t actually bought this limited series because I am not a fan of the design… it’s a bit random with them clinging onto a Sky Tower looking building… reminds me a bit of King Kong, and I hate King Kong. So nope, I think I’ll let this one go.

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  1. Oh my gosh, they really are adorable, especially Korilakkuma!

    Haha, you’re right about the Sky Tower and King Kong. I actually saw the Sky Tower on the news today, made me think of this series XD


  2. Totally agree with you on the sky tower plushies!! I also think it would make more sense to buy them only if you visited the sky tower rilakkuma store, I think this design is a bit boring :(. Hopefully I will get the marine ones soon!! They are so cute an super detailed!! I hope they will make kiiro, better late than never!


  3. I tried for the NBC lucky dip as well and got 3 sets of cups 😦 the woman infront of be had 4 sets of cups, i wonder if she’s Amanda? 😮


      • Hahahaha… I’m not the Amanda you’re referring to, though she’s a friend 🙂 (the Amanda that works at NBC)

        I finally gave in and bought 2 more tickets so now I have 5 sets of cups, 1 carpet and 1 lunch box :/


      • Hahaha… I’m not the Amanda you’re referring to, though she is a friend 🙂 (Amanda who works in NBC)

        Anyway, I finally gave in and bought 2 more tickets. And I got more cups :/ So now I have 5 sets of cups, 1 carpet and 1 lunchbox :/


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