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Rarity Plushie :)

I underwent a bit of a sewing marathon this week ^^”.  I felt slightly uninspired whilst working on Scootaloo (even though I desperately need one for my collection >.<) and after taking a look at my pony plush collection, I felt a sudden and irresistible urge to re-plush Rarity.  I’ve plushed Rarity twice before, and kept the second one for myself.  It was my first pony with embroidery details so it’s pretty ancient xD.

I’ve improved quite a bit since then, and I’ve been wanting to revamp her hair (esp her forelock) for a while now, so this was an extremely exciting project for me.  Once I started, I couldn’t stop!  >.< Argh!  I wish I could sew all day!  😦

In fact, I had so much fun re-plushing Rarity that I’ve decided to re-plush the entire main 6!!!!  So poor little Scootaloo will have to wait a while :S  Rarity’s forelock was the highlight of this project, I plan to use the same concept for Fluttershy’s hair too.

Just like my previous Rarities, I’ve decided to use 2 shades of purple for her hair to try and mimic its shimmering gradient.  For some annoying reason, my camera could NEVER capture that gorgeous royal purple colour properly -.- so it looks a bit weird in these pics *sigh*.  I didn’t do much re-working on her tail, it’s still 3D (instead of flat curls) to add volume.

I guess another little change worth mentioning is – my ponies have nostrils now!!!  xD  they can breeeeeeaaaathe!  LOL.

Anyway – I hope you guys like her!  I think she’s a huge improvement from my previous one :3 and I’m so proud to add her to my collection.

Rarity plushie sewn by meeee!!!!!!  ^^

Rarity plushie sewn by meeee!!!!!! ^^

*Materials: cuddle 3 minky by Shannon Fabrics
*Minky colours: Snow White, Purple, Mauve
*Stuffing: premium polyester fiberfill, craft foam, quilt batting, wire in her hair, and poly pellets in hooves
*Thread: gutermann polyester sew-all thread, gutermann rayon embroidery thread
*Eyes/Cutie marks: machine embroidered
*Size: Approx 16″ tall, 18″ long
*She has my signature embroidered into the bottom of her front right hoof

As aforementioned, I’ll be re-plushing the main 6 for my upcoming projects.  Fluttershy’ll be next most likely.  And I’m hoping to plush two Fluttershies at once so I can keep one and sell one.  I can’t wait to re-pattern her forelock!!!!  >w<

Okay, I better publish this post now…. and go tend to other important things…. since I’ve been neglecting the other aspects of my life for the last few days!  ^^”

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