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Commission #2: Rose Petal OC tsum!

Just in time for Halloween!  Here’s a bat pony tsum!  Her name is Rose Petal!!!  ^____^ Preeeeetty sure she’s a gift from TSand106 for her special somepony ^^

She has teeny tiny fangs which are really hard to see against her beigey face ^^” I’ve included a small inset of her mouth… hope you can kinda appreciate it?

Oh!  And she has airbrushed wings!  That was a lot of fun to do haha, I haven’t touched my airbrush in aaaaaages, so it’s really good to be able to use it again – even if for such a small job.

Rose Petal (OC) tsum plushie sewn by meee!!!!!

Rose Petal (OC) tsum plushie sewn by meee!!!!!

*Materials: cuddle 3 minky by Shannon Fabrics
*Minky colours: beige, mocha
*Stuffing: premium polyester fiberfill, poly pellets in belly
*Thread: gutermann polyester sew-all thread, gutermann rayon embroidery thread
*Eyes/Cutie marks: machine embroidered
*Size: Approx 3″ long & 2″ tall (excluding mane/tail/ears)
*She has my signature embroidered into her belly

Hope you guys like her!  And Happy Halloween everyone!!!  🙂

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