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DFDC: Ariel & Ursula dolls

Ariel is my absolute favourite Disney princess of all time 🙂 so I knew I most definitely HAD to get this Ariel and Ursula set.  I was a little disappointed when I saw their promotional pictures because their positioning looked awkward, cramped and boring! Ursula and Ariel are just side by side (instead of back to back)… I still wish they’d done something more interesting… Fortunately, Ariel’s breathtaking beauty in real life really made up for this – so I’m extremely relieved I didn’t pass this set up! In fact, I wish I’d gotten 2! So I can debox one and display/pose the Ariel doll ;).

I really love what they’ve done with Ariel’s gorgeous flame red locks and her shiny, wet-look skin is a nice touch.  However, my favourite part is her magnificent tail & fins!  Those green scales on her tail are so much more iridescent, vivacious and shimmery in real life!  ^^

Anyway – here are some pics of them!

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