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Oh wow! It’s been months since I’ve posted on my blog ^^”. This blog seems to have inadvertently become a sewing/plush blog… which means it suffers whenever I decide not to sew (which has unfortunately been a very common phenomenon lately… T^T). In fact, I haven’t really sewn since the last time I blogged Jumin plush (so yes, my machines are all collecting dust). My DeviantArt page has also been terribly neglected *sigh*. I just don’t feel motivated enough to start another sewing project since they take so much time (and I’m an impatient person ^^”). Maybe when I’m older and more patient (and have more free time) I’ll pick it up again.

Anyway, when I started this blog waaaaaay back in 2011 (when I was still free and without kids lol), I was fully intending this to be just a personal online journal peppered with pictures of my Rilakkumas (my guilty pleasure at that time)… but then eventually I lost interest in Rilakkumas and moved onto My Little Pony plushies… as a collector… then as a creator… I was also (and still am) interested in Disney dolls/Monster High dolls so I might’ve posted some pics here and there.

Over the recent months, I’ve returned back to my gaming roots and have been pouring most of my time into games like Fire Emblem Heroes and assorted visual novels. In fact, I’ve recently bought myself a vita just to access all its beautiful visual novels:

My current best friend – my PS Vita!

I’ve just finished Code Realize a week ago, and am now in the middle of Norn9. I can’t wait to play Collar x Malice (currently on its way to me) and also Period: Cube. I’ve played most translated Otomes on the android/PC and can I just say that Code Realize is (in my opinion at least) the BEST OTOME OF ALL TIME (yes, even better than Hakuoki). I’m so obsessed with this game. I can’t wait to replay it! Especially Saint Germain’s route *fangirling intensifies*


Yea, so in case it wasn’t clear enough… Saint Germain is my favourite. I’m usually not really into mysterious characters like him, but his route was so beautiful and broke my heart in ways I didn’t know possible… plus his voice is heavenly! Hirakawa Daisuke has now taken up the position of my favourite voice actor.

This is how I would rate the guys in Code Realize:
Saint Germain >> Victor Frankenstein > Impey Barbicane > Arsene Lupin > Van Helsing (I’m usually a sucker for tsundere characters, so I thought he’d be my favourite when I first started playing, but his route was such a let down for me T^T)

I’ve ordered quite a lot of Code Realize merch from Japan, I can’t wait to get them! ❤ I’ll post some pics of them when they get here ^o^

Anyway… I’m really not sure why I even post these things haha ^^” like does anyone even read this lol? I guess it’s nice to be able to keep a journal of some sort… maybe my kids/close friends/relatives would read this someday? Who knows. I guess I’m just writing this for myself. Somewhere where I can ramble and post my pretties. My relatives and close friends don’t share the same interest as me so it can get pretty lonely. That’s probably the biggest reason why I do this… it’s somewhere where I can share my hobbies/passions/guilty pleasures as if I’m sharing it with a friend. Oh wow… that sounds really pathetic and lonely.

Argh, whatever… going to post some pics of my BJDs now, who I’ve been neglecting since forever until recently when I decided to sell most of them. I’ve decided to sell all my girls and my Crobidoll boy. They’re really pretty, but I just never felt the same attachment to them as I do with my Iplehouse boys. I think in the end, after some trial and error, I still prefer the more realistic look for BJDs, and I like boys more than girls ^^” I also have a LUTS boy waiting to be properly deboxed, he’s been sitting in his box naked and bald since March ^^” I intend to keep him, but I won’t properly debox him until I’ve finished selling the other dolls because I don’t have space to display him! (It needs to be a high shady place away from the grabby grubby hands of my kids).

I gave both my Iplehouse boys a makeover… since I’m selling my Crobidoll boy, I’m going to transfer his identity to my Iplehouse Eric (prev known as Argent), so now he is Luca 2.0. And Colton will stay Colton. I’m hoping to give Luca silver/white hair (because… ahem… Saint Germain… ahem) but for now, he can be a temporary blonde.

Also, sorry for the lack of proper backdrop… I do have a lightbox and a bunch of really pretty backdrops but I’m lazy. I’m going to start posting yolo pics from now on because I get really overwhelmed trying to take good and “perfect” photos and I just end up not taking/posting them. So I figured yolo pics = better than no pics at all.

Anyway, long post about basically nothing. This blog’s become my personal playground, where I just post whatever crap makes me feel good. Lul. (God forbid my colleagues or my patients stumble across this blog)

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  1. Hiraaaaa~~ kawaaaa~ Daisuke~!!! I first got interested in his voice because I was surfing some Diabolik Lovers stuff on youtube and thought his character songs sounded the best. Then I had the pleasure of hearing him voice a character, Ace from Heart no Kuni no Alice. I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to play the English-language Code Realize because he would be in it- as a character from myth that I rarely hear about no less! I had a trip to New Orleans and went on a tour about old stories and legends of people that supposedly lived there. We visited a place that the immortal St. Germain supposedly lived at… perhaps he was a vampire or perhaps a very eccentric dude. Or he was just ill and had strange remedies. Never thought I’d see a guy like that in otome LOL. I was so excited to see when they touched on his backstory in the game and sure enough he’s uh… been around. XD

    I liked Victor’s story best (and how Cardia was involved in it), but as for how character personalities go… Germain is in the top 2. In the end I think Lupin has the best overall personality but not the best route lol. Yeah why was Van Helsing’s path so … disappointing? I really do love his character but in a “supporting cast” kind of way. Whatever the case, the game was excellent and I did enjoy every path! It is in my top 3. The other 2 being the original Hakuoki and Cheritz’s Nameless. Hard to say which is #1.

    Nice photos of your bjd boys! hot damn! XD
    I get how you feel about doing photo shoots. They can be so much work. For me, I’ll finally get time to do a shoot for a doll or whatever, but then I just dump the hundreds of photos on to the PC and just… let them sit there. I need to sift thru for the best shots and then process them but UGH I’m too lazy. Lately if I need to post a pic I just take a few with bad lighting and hope for the best. I don’t bother putting them on my PC and just do a crappy edit on my tablet. At least it get’s posted, right?? XD ah well.

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    • I’m so glad you understand my pain regarding those photoshoots! xD I just want to enjoy them rather than spend so much time and effort trying to take the best shots/edits etc

      Ah yes! Victor! ^o^ he was my first playthrough, and I thought he was best boy until I met Saint. But I still treasure him, I think his story is really well done and the chemistry between him and Cardia was very believable and well developed. I like Van as a character, but his route was too predictable for me… and I couldn’t really feel much chemistry between the two, the relationship just felt rushed and lacking in the romance department. Also, I wish Van could be a bit more perceptive and smart about certain things ^^” but again, that’s just me… he’s extremely popular in the fandom.

      anway! lovely to read your reply, it’s awesome we share common interests 😉 hope you will check Collar x Malice out too! I’m in my second route right now, and loving every minute of it! 🙂

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