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2017 SDCC Monster High & Code Realize merch

Hi guys!

So… I got my 2017 SDCC Monster High dolls today! This year’s exclusive stars Cleo and Ghoulia! I ordered mine from an ebay reseller I usually buy my rarer Monster High dolls from.


There was a time when I’d compulsively collect every single Monster High release, and I’d buy at least 3-4x of each type so that I can keep the ones with the best face up, hair or box condition etc (honestly, Mattel’s quality control can be pretty atrocious, and it’s become worse since the revamp… the wonk on some of those faces T^T)

Anyway, pics time!

They’re both really pretty, and thank god there’s no obvious eye wonk or paint issues – it’s always a bit of a gamble with these dolls. I think my favourite out of the two is Cleo, I’ve always been a fan of her angular face mould and she looks regally stunning in all that gold! 🙂

Ok… moving on! I’ve been ordering a bunch of game merch recently – namely of Code Realise (namely Saint Germain ^^”) and Collar x Malice (Takeru!!!!!). I’m currently on my second route of Collar x Malice with Mineo Enomoto. My first playthrough was Takeru Sasazuka because I am a softie for Tsunderes and I adore his very unique and memorable design.


Argh… I love this prickly little cactus. The game is great so far, definitely up there with Code Realize. The art is absolutely gorgeous, I’ve already ordered the visual art book to drool over. I’m really curious about Kei Okazaki (reminds me a bit of Saint?) and Kageyuki Shiraishi. I know Aiji Yanagi is cannon… but much like Lupin, feels a bit boring in design and personality to me.

Anyway, onto some merch pics – these are just the ones that have arrived… I have a bunch more on the way:

By the way – I custom made that Saint cushion… tempted to get a full size Daki of him actually… but I need to find nice high res art of him first (and no, it won’t be NSFW since I’m not really into that sorta thing).

Yea… I worship this game ^^ (and most definitely Collar x Malice soon too) – even forced my husband to play it! (poor hubbie xD!)

Anyway, that’s all for now! ^o^

***Update (14/9/17)***

Using my technique described, I decided to reorder the Saint cushion with my optimised picture. It’s soooo much clearer and better like this:

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  1. very nice! I haven’t even bought collar x malice yet… I had too much anime stuff pre-ordered orz.
    I hope you like the petanko straps! I have that set hanging up in my room, and it has been one of my favorites (one reason being that the heroine character is included! lol) I ended up buying the petanko for Norn 9 and the second set they did for Diabolik Lovers, so cute. but I never got around to displaying them… somewhere… >> I’m running out of space eheh~

    I like pillows and stuff too but usually don’t get around to buying any. Yeah I’m not into the NSFW nor even the slightly risque stuff. I finally ended up getting a daki only because IFFY included one in some of their english otome games.

    and I say I -usually- don’t buy any pillows…. but I finally found some worth the money and within my taste: the ones Cheritz made for Mystic Messenger! XD I somehow got away with buying the emoticon cushions. (but my wallet weeps)


    • Oooo, your room sounds super cute! I’ve actually ordered a set for Norn 9 as well! I don’t know Diabolik Lovers very well, but I’ve heard about it a lot and the art is beautiful! Even more of a reason for me to try and learn Japanese (my mum can speak and read Japanese fluently… I’m envious haha… one day maybe?). Oooo! Mystic Messenger cushions! I’m exactly the same! I ordered Yoosung and Jumin emote cushions, and also splurged on the Jumin body pillow >___< I'm looking forward to blogging about them when they get here 😉 Which ones did you get? I kinda wanted to get Zen too, but thought I'd have a think about it… then by the time I decided they were all sold out!


  2. oh no, well… yes my room is super cute but it is also super messy! when everything is packed away it probably looks… super cluttered still, LOL. but I can’t resist collecting cute things. I’m not sure if I even like Diabolik Lovers that much, I think … rather than it being a good game it is really a series of drama CD’s and character songs that happened to have a game XD. The characters are interesting, but it doesn’t really have a well-rounded story. But yes, Satoi’s artwork is wonderful. She did the art for Ozmafia as well. ❤ lol my favorite character in Ozmafia is Kyrie, but what is funny is I'd describe him as a cross between Saint Germain and Sakamaki Laito- both voiced by Hirakawa, but Kyrie isn't. xD

    Yay~! you got some of the Cheritz pillows ! XD yes please show us them when you get them. I didn't buy any of the body pillow covers so I'd love to see Jumin's (his looked really nice!!!). I was originally going to get the emote cushions of Zen and Jumin… then figured why not get 707 because the ship fee didn't increase by adding a third. Until I saw the emoji pins. I assumed they'd be lame button badges… I was sucked into getting the set of 5. The set cost would be great if not for the fact the ship fee is another 60 USD. orz

    I'm not even sure where I'll put them… X'DDD I'll do a blog post when I get them (mine don't ship out until the 25th.)


    • Oh yes, I’ve played a bit of Ozmafia – I think I only did 2.5 routes. My first (and likely fav) is Kyrie – though I got his normal ending the first time and that was so depressing T^T. I really need to finish that game ^^” I honestly don’t really like the protagonist though… so that’s a large reason why I haven’t played more. The same with Amnesia… I’ve had that game since forever… have done 3 routes only haha…

      And yes! I’m super excited about the Jumin pillow!! I’m not sure where I can put him though, because the bed has no space ^^” (and hubbie won’t approve lol) Oh! I didn’t get those emoji pins, but they looked really nice! But ouch, $60usd for shipping? that hurts! Is it really that heavy/bulky? Zen’s cushion is so cute, wish I’d gotten one… ah well! I think I have enough cushions/pillows etc lol. I’m running out of space at home already haha.

      Oh yes! Please do a blog post! I’d love to see all your merch 🙂 I’m in the same boat with the shipping delay, won’t ship till 25th too.


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