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Massive Collar x Malice/Code Realize merch haul – badges/keychains/plushies

Hi everyone!

So… as promised, here’s a photo spammage post of all the stuff I recently got from Japan!

I used “From Japan” to proxy shop, the service is great and they pack everything very carefully and nicely… but the plan fee does add up quite a bit when you’re ordering multiple small items from different sellers. I got most of my stuff from “Otamart” – the Japanese version of TradeMe (or put simply it’s like an online flea market ^^”). The rarer ones like the OPG Kei Okazaki button badge I had to bid for on Japan Yahoo Auction.

I’ll start with the Collar x Malice & Badges and keychains. These are the ones I got from AmiAmi:

And here’s another lot of badges that I ordered from Rakuten via From Japan. These aren’t made from metal like most button badges, I think they’re made from resin? I mainly got these for Takeru’s doting expression, which is pretty rare to find on most of his merch ^^”

Then here are some of my favourites from the Collar x Malice line – 100mm large button badges! They’re honestly huge! You can really appreciate the pretty art on these – I’m still missing Shiraishi 😦 I’ve managed to snag one on Otamart so he’ll be coming in my next shipment.

And these are the rarer badges that cost at least 2500-4000 jpy each. They’re so pretty though so I couldn’t resist! Both are highly limited and well sought after so I had to hunt for them at auctions sites etc. I know the Kei badge is from the “OPG” line and I also have Takeru and Shiraishi coming in my next shipment.

And some more adorable button badges of Takeru and Shiraishi (I should really be consistent and call him Kageyuki but I’m so used to calling him Shiraishi! ^^”)

Oh yea, I had to get the other random stuff because they were sold as a set. Akito Sera is ok… I’m not a rabid fan or anything.

And now for the best part!


I was dismayed that there weren’t any detailed figures or chibi plushies of my fav guys from Code Realize or Collar x Malice (guess I’ll have to make them myself! ^^”) – but one lazy weekend while scrolling through tumblr, I noticed this:

20729000_836025306574809_551484018233222275_o (1)

Like… WHAT?! I had to do a double, triple… quadruple take. There are actually plushies for Collar x Malice?! Holy crap!


So I went on a crazed plushie hunt. And it took a while but eventually I managed to locate a jap shop that sold them! I couldn’t believe they were still in stock! Anyway, here they are! They’re super cute! They’re made by Takara Tomy Arts. I tested with purchasing only Takeru and Shiraishi, but now that I’ve seen how cute they are in person I’m going to order the rest of the gang as well as some duplicates so I can play with some out of packaging. They’re about 13-14cm tall (not including ball chain)

OK! Now moving onto Code Realize! It’s Sainty G time! ^^

Here are the holographic character CD badges of the entire Code Realize cast! I got these off Otamart from various sellers. I love these! The chibi art is so cute and the holographic stars are so shimmery and pretty! I actually had no idea they were holographic until I saw them in person. What a wonderful surprise!

Then some 70mm Saint and Lupin badges, the only one I’m missing from this set now is Van.

And some more assorted Code Realize stuff! As you can see, I’ve gone a little crazy with the game merch recently…

Ok! I think that’s me for now? I’ll be posting my Norn 9 & Hakuoki figures in the next post! ^o^ Let me know if you’re a fellow collector too! I’m always looking for someone to bond with over game merch (my husband can only take so much ;))

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  1. Hi! Can you link me to the website you used to get the CxM plushies? I really want to get an Okazaki one but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.. 😦


  2. I saw this lost a long time ago but didn’t comment because I hadn’t played Collar x Malice. lol I’m partway thru my 4th route now. (I’m just a little bit late lol.)

    Now that I know these guys, they are super cute! Congrats on the haul. I wasn’t gonna get any merch myself but then I saw they had made a pentanko rubber keychain set. I actually found a set being sold secondhand so I’m just waiting for it now. I really love petanko ;;; I have the ones for Code Realize, Norn 9, and the 2nd set for Diabolik Lovers. It kind of sucks they made exclusive ones that depend on the shop you buy from (meaning I have none of those lol.)

    As for Collar x Malice I honestly have no idea who my favorite character is. 😡 i like everyone…


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