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Collar x Malice plushies continued…

I wanted to make a big post showing off all my latest acquisitions during the weekend but my Collar x Malice plushies arrived yesterday and my heart is exploding from all the cuteness!!! Eeeeep!!!! I can’t stop gushing over them. Now my little Collar x Malice band is complete! I have duplicates of Takeru, Shiraishi and Kei because they’re my top 3 from the game.

I know several fans are interested in getting these plushies, and I wasn’t able to find many photos online showcasing them so I hope my photos help. Sorry for keeping the plastic packaging on in the photos ^^” I don’t plan to de-bag any that I don’t have duplicates of. The company that makes them is called Takara Tomy Arts , they were released on the 12th August 2017 and I believe they are on sale for a limited time only. They retail for 1782 jpy each.  The shops that stock these don’t ship internationally, so I had to purchase them through proxy sites (I use FromJapan).  There’s also rubber strap versions of them made by the same company which retail for 4212 jpy for a box of six.

These plushies are about 17cm tall excluding the ball chains. Despite being a plusher, I actually don’t know my fabrics very well at all ^^” their faces are made from velboa type material (sort of like plush minky with short nap) and their hair from some sort of thin nap knit fabric – the sort that catches on velcro (if you know what the proper name for this is, please enlighten me!). Anyway, they’re still super cuddly and cute (the large heads make for nice stress balls xD).

Anyway, that’s it for now! Both my little ones are home and demand my undivided attention (also… a Mystic Messenger chatroom just unlocked! Cheritz really exceeded my expectations with V’s route… I thought it’d be just a straightforward V route but the game actually branches and there are 7 different endings… and Unknown gets so much screen/talk time! He’s so precious!!!! I want to saaaaaaave him T^T). I hope Cheritz will continue releasing new content for MM.

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    • Yes you definitely need to get this game! >___< I've already forced my husband to play it so he's in the middle of his first route right now ahahahahahaha ^^". Nendoroids are soooooo cute! I would totally splurge on them if they had characters I was obsessed with! And Bad Apple Wars! I'm so excited about it!!! ^o^

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  1. I’m sorry for the bother but, I’d like to know if you still know where to find these plushies. I have been unable to find them through various searches like the one that you already stated (From Japan) and I’ve become afraid of the fact that the limited sale has ended. I hope to buy some as a Christmas present and I’ve been unlucky so far. Thank you!


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