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Saint Germain Plush WIP ^^

I posted about reworking my loafies pattern as well as creating a new simpler chibi human pattern on my DeviantArt recently. I also showed a WIP pic of my Saint Germain plush and I’ve made some progress since so I thought I’d share here as well:

I’m really happy with how he’s turning out! It was super fun experimenting with new materials and techniques. Thank you Sainty G for being my muse!

And thank these boys for keeping me company while I sew xD

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  1. omg omg he’s sooooooo perfect~!!!

    lol I should have known you would work on a St. Germain plush. xD
    aaaaaaah looks amazing, as always! but I think this one has an especially nice face! I love it ❤

    lol and your new friends are adorable~

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