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More game merch…

Haha… it seems like all my recent posts are about game merch, but can you blame me? Cheritz decided to release these cool Mystic Messenger merch all at once (helps to hype up the V route release) and trust me… retail therapy does wonders πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I contemplated about splitting my posts up for merch from different games, but realised if I did that I’d be spamming my fb friends’ feeds and be even more annoying than usual (haha, I’m sure a lot of them already unfollowed or even defriended (?) me after I spammed all those Fire Emblem Heroes pics a few months ago).

Anyway, sorry but I must keep this short since I want to use most of my free time plushing my Saint Germain plush.

So incoming photo spammage! First of all, I unpacked Jumin dakimakura and hung him up in my bedroom with a skirt hanger:

Ever wondered what the back of Jumin daki looked like? Well… mystery solved!

Now onto the next item! Code Realize/Saint Germain goodies:

This badge lot is exclusive to AmiAmi and is part of the limited edition PS4 Code Realize game pack. I had to get these off Japan Yahoo Auctions and I paid about 5000JPY (excluding fees) for them. I mainly wanted Saint Germain so will probably end up selling the others later on.

And next are some more Saint Germain goods. Both the badges where he’s sitting on books and where he’s holding onto a rose were sold at the recent Otomate party so they were pretty hard to get in the secondhand market. Both are adorable, but I prefer the rose one ever so slightly.

And some more Saint Germain keychains, the one where he’s sitting in a teacup is quite old and rare and I had to pay about 2000jpy for it.

Next up is Collar x Malice. Be warned, I went a little crazy with the merch for these boys:

These are mini cushions made in Japan by famous cushion/daki company A & J. They are covered in soft micro-fiber cloth and the filling is a really nice soft and bouncy silicon cotton – perfect for squishing!

And some badges I bought from AmiAmi:

The following badges are pretty rare and pricey to obtain. Each one is about 3000-3500 jpy. I’ve already posted about some in previous posts but just wanted to photograph them as a set together.

And I finally got my hands on a 100mm Shiraishi badge, so now my 100mm CxM badge set is complete:

2017-09-12 10.42.33

Some stray badges, the rectangular Takeru badge’s pretty cool – I have a matching Shiraishi one I posted about before:

And these badges are super cute! They are definitely one of my favourites! It’s the CxM boys dressed up as little “Hotel Men”! Lol! There’s actually a Prince Hotel in Shinjuku (where CxM is set) that’s Collar x Malice themed! They’ve released badges, cushion covers and life sized wall stickers as part of this lovely hotel line. (I’ve already pre-ordered the cushion covers but they won’t be released until late October). The life sized wall stickers are purchasable too, but they are so expensive! They retail for 19,440 jpy each! T^T That’s why I haven’t bought any yet πŸ˜₯

What I would give to spend a day in those CxM themed rooms!!!!

Oh wow.. this post is getting really long ^^”… ahem, I best move on if I wish to have any time to plush. Next up are more pics of the CxM nitotan plushies since I eventually caved and got duplicates of Aiji and Mineo too! That means I can show “de-bagged” pics of the entire gang:

I still haven’t had a chance to open the following merch properly so I won’t post too many pics yet – but basically I also got the A5 clear files and character CDs (only Yanagi and Okazaki have been released thus far)

Remember my previous post about optimising pictures for printing customised merch? Well, I’ve customised a variety of merch recently including pillow/cushion covers, mugs and badges. I’m still waiting for some of them to arrive, but here are some sneak pics of some of the badges I have so far:

I’m extremely happy with them! The pictures are nice and crisp. I think I best make a separate post about them another time since they’re pretty cheap to make so I made a mountain of them ^^”.

Ok, it’s time to wrap up today’s post! Feast your eyes on these cuties!


Holy crap! I really need them! T^T But it’s terribly depressing because they’re raffle rewards for a special event in Japan so you CAN’T GET THEM SIMPLY BY THROWING MONEY AT THEM! Argh… I guess money can’t buy everything :'(. I’m going to try and do a plush hunt for them after 7th October which I believe is when the raffle/event is held. There’s more info about it here, as well as the other raffle goodies. I only really want those plushies though!

The only consolation I guess… is that at least those plushies are not of Takeru or Shiraishi… otherwise I might have to take leave from work, purchase a plane ticket to Japan, then buy out all the raffle tickets ^o^”

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  1. ….and another soul has been lost to the land of merch.

    xD but congrats on the new additions! they look great. At some point I decided I have enough straps and buttons but! I will never stop collecting dolls and figures hehe ^^;;

    Yeah why is Gift so mean with selling exclusives? T_T I used to consider spending a fortune on their DMMd plush series but then eventually, GSC started making nendoroids. So I threw my wallet at that instead lol. Easier to buy and at competitive retail price too. But I do have some Gift plush, 2 from Amnesia, 2 Utapri, 3 Hakuoki, 2 Hanaoni….and 2 DMMd (the unpopular 2 LOL, but I lucked out and wanted them more than the main characters.)


    • OOoo, you should showcase your collection some time πŸ˜‰ I’m a sucker for figures and plushies too! The Collar x Malice gift dolls were released over the weekend. And there are already several for sale on the second hand market but all at least 20,000 jpy and above. Kei is more popular than Yanagi, so his minimum price is like 40,000 jpy? They’re not my favourites though, so I’m going to hold off.

      I know right? the hotel room is so nice! I wish they did that sorta thing here in New Zealand ^^ I’ve only recently started watching Yuri on Ice (I know, I’m so late to the party x)), I haven’t watched anime in ages but I’ve been getting a lot of commission requests for Victor and it’s such a popular anime so decided to break my anime fast and give it a go. I’m enjoying it so far! I think I have a few eps left until the end.

      I’ve nearly finished my Saint Germain plush, he should be completely done tomorrow πŸ™‚ soooo excited!


  2. oh yeah I forgot to add,
    that hotel room is amazing ! x’D I saw photos of the Yuri on Ice one and I was impressed. So now I wonder how many series will do this hotel stuff, in addition to all the Animate Cafe designs that get put out there too. What theme will Japan think of next? xD


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