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Saint Germain Plush (Code Realize)

My lovely Saint Germain plush is complete at last!  I worked on him on and off for about 2 months?  And what a crazy complex plush he was!  I’m relieved my next projects will be simpler.  I’m hoping to plush either Takeru Sasazuka or Kageyuki Shiraishi from Collar x Malice next… followed by Ray from Mystic Messenger later?  And of course I’ll be working on that simpler chibi human pattern in between.

As challenging as this project was, I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with new materials and techniques.  It’s refreshing to sew something other than minky for once.  New Zealand is pretty lacking in miscellaneous materials for arts and crafts so I had to order most things from overseas – such as his itty bitty buckles, assorted beads, faux leather and some of the clocks on his gloves.  I made some of the clocks myself by attaching cabochons to round bezel bases.

To be honest, I’m extremely pleased with how he turned out.  Saint Germain is hands down my absolute favourite character from Code Realize and he acted as the perfect muse for me to get my ass back to plushing.

Material – cuddle 3 shannon minky, 40% wool blend felt
Height – about 11″ tall
Machine embroidered details
Plush pattern and embroidery designed by me (sorry, I don’t distribute my plush patterns publicly)

If you’re a Saint Germain fan, please click to enlarge to appreciate all the little details.

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